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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keeping The Flowers and Your Budget

Flowers come in a wide array of shapes, colors, sizes and fragrance. We love them because they add beauty and depth to every event/venue. In a wedding, flowers can be seen from any angle; with the bride (and bridal train), during the ceremony, as centerpieces at reception and in some instances as part of the cake.
According to a survey conducted by, in 2010, flowers made up close to 10% of the average wedding budget in the US. This comes out to about $2000-$3000 and with the shrinking economy (and increased cost of living) this has lead many brides to wonder if the flowery feat is accomplishable…
It is indeed quite possible to have beautiful flowers on any budget and here are a few tips to help
1.    Avoid flowers that will be out of season at the time of the wedding. These tend to cost a lot more and do not last as long because they must be shipped.  If you must have these flowers think “Less is more”

2.     As a follow up, opt for flowers (and Florists) that are locally grown.  Florists are a lot more flexible with pricing and assistance when it comes to local weddings. 

Traditional roses can be found almost everywhere

3.    D.I.Y. – With a few hours of research and a steady hand you can create your very own beautiful bouquets, boutonni√®res and centerpieces. The money saved on hiring a florist can easily go into having more flowers for the day or into other areas of the wedding.
Simple and Gorgeous

4.    Mixing Flowers and other aesthetic elements. Instead of a bouquet made purely of flowers. Try using half the amount of flowers and adding beautiful elements such as Greenery, jewels, sculpted branches etc.
These arrangements are not only beautiful, they are far less expensive

5.    An alternative to real (and more expensive) flowers is to use silk/artificial flowers. Look out for our future article on the pros, cons and how-to’s of using them.

Can you tell if these are silk flowers? 

With so many options, the possibilities are endless. Have fun with a little research and let your imagination run free. No matter the size, budget or theme of the wedding the most important rule is to JUST BE CREATIVE.
Happy searching

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