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Friday, August 26, 2011

Un-Traditional Cakes

Today, we are bringing you a collection of wedding cakes that are as beautiful and creative as they are humorous. These are not just ordinary wedding cakes with delicate features and designs used for white weddings.  No, these cakes are special because they are used in the traditional African wedding ceremony (a.k.a. Traditional Engagement). The purpose of these cakes are similar to that of the Traditional wedding cake but they are also a canvas in which the couple can display their personalities, creativity and most importantly...Their Culture.  
This is by far the cutest :-)

Cake Notes:
  1. Most Traditional cakes either have figurines of the couple, fruit (representing a fruitful union) or paraphernalia specific to that culture/region (eg Calabash or Cowries).
  2. It is best to find someone who is specialized in African cake decorating.
  3. In an event where that is not possible be sure to sit with your baker well in advanced and provide pictures/models that can aid with design.
  4. The cake taste just as good as western cakes (If you were wondering).

I like the Fila and Gele ;-)
An elegant figurine

Representing a Fruitful Marriage

Classically simple

My's gorgeous!
Close up of the couple Cake!

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